random debauchery is the best kind

Apparently I was doing the Flickr link back thing wrong (irnewb) by linking to the direct images and not the page of the photo. I fixed that for this post and hopefully shall remember to keep doing it. >.>

I was frolicking around in world today like a butterfly on the breeze of spring. Or something. I get a little IM ding ding! And I am like, so excited, because I was bored and there was a someone talking to me and it wasn’t a group advertising “los deals locos! sex beds for 99L!” followed by 45 chicks screaming “STOP SPAMMING YOU CLASSLESS DOUCHE” for half an hour. The guy asked me if I would like to lay down in the flowers so that he might conduct an inspection of my body. Literally. I have no idea what to say to that because you know, I’m a HIGH CLASS girl and I at least want to look at his profile before getting it on. I guess I took to long too reply because the next moment I looked up he was having sex with a girl with SYSTEM HAIR OMG in the flowers.

I always miss out. =(

So I was inspired to take some more bad pictures of myself in the new skin offering from Nomine. I have to admit, I’ve never been a big Nomine shopper. I have a couple pieces from there that I’ve tried to work into my wardrobe, but frankly I don’t pull off the gothic victorian thing very well. That being said I’ve always admired the designer’s work showcased on other people. When I got the notice for the new skin line this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see a different type of skin being presented.

I bought three!

A perfect red lipstick is my SL holy grail. I search hard and long for it. There have been only a few that I found perfect… rich dark and glossy like the sweetest cherries or the most decadent wine. The Swan 2 makeup from Curio’s June line is really my go to red lipstick, the only downside being the (gorgeous) sky blue eye makeup – I love it but it doesn’t go with everything. Sadface.

This new offering from Nomine in the Vamp – Red is my new favorite red lip. I look so sultry, and pouty and my lips look sooooo plush and richly red and the rest of the face is cute, I want to pinch my own pouty sulky cheeks! The dark eye makeup is much easier to pair with clothing as well.

frankly darling, I don't give a damn

But instead of putting clothes on I figured hey, why not lingerie.

I couldn’t resist the concept of nicely made 90L lingerie which I read about at Strawberry Singh’s blog. I was a little weirded out when I got to the location for Lingerie by Hollee but I gamely bought a few pieces. In one folder I got THREE SETS of lingerie for just 90L, really how can you go wrong with that? The set I’m wearing here is called Debauched. I felt that deserved only the very best in poses, so I used a couple’s freebie from Glitterati called “Not in my eye please” which I think is hysterical and also understandable. Have you ever had… you know? In your eye? Not pleasant… Or so I’m told. Because I would know nothing about that.

please sir, try to keep it below the chin. but watch the bra - it's new


I am trying hard to remember to add SLurl’s and links back to my inspiration for a particular topic but it feels sort of like attention-whorey-name dropping. But I feel it’s important to give credit where it’s due, I didn’t just fall over the lingerie shop whilst on a morning stroll, I read about it on someone else’s blog so I want to make that known. Here is a picture of my ass in lingerie to make up for it. Whatever IT is.

fap fap fap

And yes these pictures were taken in my bedroom. Again. I really need to get some kind of attractive box to take pictures in now that I’m going to be showing my blog to someone besides my cats.


i can only handle one truth per week…

Like many of us on the grid, I find myself addicted. Addicted to what? Skins.. shoes.. and… oh. sweet. baby. jeebus. HAIR. Truth Hair Specifically. I think between my 2 avs (and one I havent bought anything on in like 6 months mind you) I have probably 100 folders from Truth, and only about 6 of them are clothing or shoes.

100. Folders. Of. Truth.

What the hell can you do with a hair designer so awesome and also SO FUCKING PROLIFIC. If I bought every style I wanted I wouldn’t be able to eat irl. The man is making me choose between hot wings and pixel hair AND THE HAIR IS WINNING. So yeah. I had to cut back… one style per week. This week I chose Emerald, and I like to think it’s named for one of my favorite bloggers Emerald Wynn. It’s pretty adorable!


Speaking of Emerald, I decided I’d hop over and take a snapshot on her dinosaur, since she seems to like her dino being harassed at odd hours. Keep in mind I’ve never actually met the woman, so harassing her dino might be a little forward at this stage of the game, but I can never resist a nice big t-rex.

oh hi

While I was buying my Truth hair with everyone else and their mother, I got a “something new!” notice from I don’t even know what the fuck group anymore because I have so many, discussing a dress from a store I’d never been to called Chanktare. Oh god it’s so pretty I could die! I had to buy it (and for the cost of another Truth hair, go figure) and then go find somewhere pretty to take a picture that wasn’t my bedroom because I’m already bored of that. Note that this dress DOES NOT HANDLE MY SPAZMODIC AO WELL being entirely sculpted. It’s good for posing but not to wear just all the time, sadly.


Lastly I have something to bitch about. I was originally going to buy some of those new 2Real Pure shoes and blog about them and make some retarded title like “not another blog about those 2Real shoes” and THEN I GOT THERE AND THEY WERE 600 LINDENS?! What the HELL no! I am not paying 600L for sneakers, it’s just ridiculous. 400, I could see. 600? No. For the same reason I refuse to buy Stiletto Moody shoes (but oh do I gladly accept their group gifts >.> Though I rarely wear them, that’s a whole other story) they’re just too damn expensive for what they are. Maybe I am just feeling stingy, I don’t know.

Alright, I am done. Oh wait no. I am supposed to go grocery shopping today but I am lazy so will eat hot wings instead. That’s right, Truth hair AND hotwings in one day. I’m a bad bad man.

And yes I am wearing a new shirt from Truth also released today in my dino pic. I don’t want to talk about it, okay! And NO I didn’t politely include an SLurl for that damn place because I know every one of you addicted fashionistas knows where it is so well you can just port there with your mind without even clicking anything. Yeah.