Sweet 🍓

I was so in love with this look I vowed I would not change a thing about it until I blogged it because I just feel nothing short of delectable. xD I have sooo many strawberry themed things in my inventory it is amazing I don’t use this as a theme more often.

It’s so sweet knowing that you love me

Listen to this sexy little song while browsing my cuteness, pls.

All of the photos in this post were shot on Black Dragon Viewer using graphics presets by Swain which were recently shared to me by my friend Trem! I did do a lot of adjustment to the depth of field settings as that’s just kinda what SL demands depending on your photo size. The windlight shown is a modified FOXCITY windlight from their blog. :)

You know that I’m obsessed with your body,
But it’s the way you smile that does it for me

It all started with this strawberry dress from OSMIA, and the entire outfit built out from there and by the time I was all dressed up I felt like the adult version of Strawberry Shortcake XXX rated. xD I had purchased these shoes from N-CORE awhile back at I believe Kinky event and really loved them, ridiculous filled condoms and all (not pictured, lmao, but trust me). I was a little bummed that the Legacy version of the shoe did not fit properly, but using the deformer + the Maitreya shoe resolved it adequately. I did notecard the creator but have not heard back. ^^


One of the starring pieces in this post, in my humble opinion, is this old but still amazing .ILLUSORY. Dessert Bunny – Strawberry Cream RARE from a brand lost to the sands of time.

This post has a lot of parts so the credits are going to be a bit of a novel. I am trying to break it into more digestible chunks!


Location: my sky xD
Backdrop: FOXCITY Flutter Black
Flower Confetti: Half Deer
Strawberry Corgi Stuffies: Foxwood
Melty Ice Cream: Half Deer
Tray of Berries: Half Deer
Standing Pose: Versuta
Seated Pose: Mewsery


Head: Genus Baby
Skin: Glam Affair
Brows: Simple Bloom
Eye Shadow: Warpaint
Lipstick: Top1Salon
Eyes: Heaux
Ears & Tail: Stoic
Hair: Truth
Body: Legacy Perky
Dress: Osmia
Nails: Nylon Outfitters
Garter: Eternus
Shoes: N-Core

i love cheap thrills

Second Life has been a little rocky lately for me. Excessive spending, some really disappointing and hurtful dating experiences, ghosting friends, DMCA drama, weird political encounters. Eh.

This Virtual Girl just wants to have fun, yo. :P

Besides, isn’t it said that the best revenge is living well? Nothing says well like a life of fun and excitement in a (relatively) risk free environment like Second Life where you can be anyone you wish – even if it’s just an ideal version of your true self.

I really liked how this picture came out but my full body outfit photos rarely seem to make a splash on Flickr, cannot decide if I am doing them poorly or what. Anyway this was a fun lil shoot to do while high especially dinking around with FaceApp after for this glorious beast:


[SB] Genus JA LT 01.BW 01
WarPaint* Essential Blush – Timeless [red] + highlighter
WarPaint* Seduction liner – liner + heart
itGirls – Rafa Genus Applier – Tan Face
Deadly Dame Tattoos
duckie . domestic scar left
itGirls – QUEEN Body – Legacy – Small Breast
Izzie’s – Back Rolls 05 65%
Izzie’s – Body Veins & Cellulite 05
SADGIRL – Night Stars Bindi
ADORED – heart on tattoo – hand
RE Aura Bracelet – R – TMP Legacy
:ANDORE: – bento ring
Cynful Zipper Top – Cotton – Legacy Perky
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.7 – Mocap
PROMAGIC Shivi Belt-Legacy
PROMAGIC Shivi Skirt-Legacy
Rebel Gal – Charm Necklace
ROULY :: Hung Up Tights
Stealthic – Endless
toksik – Lunar Nails
Vibing — Crybaby Earrings
[BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.2.1)